Three Simple Ways to Calibrate and Use the Horiba pH Meter

Lab technicians, environmentalists, biologists and chemists alike all use pH to measure the acidity and basic potentials of a specific solution. For this activity, the Horiba pH meter can be of good use. It’s considered as one of the most accurate devices available to test pH levels. There are several simple steps that you can do. From preparing your materials, to methodically testing and calibrating your pH meter, these methods will ensure a more accurate ready of the pH levels. With that said, here are three simple steps that you can do to calibrate your pH meter properly.



Preparing for Calibration


The first thing you need to do is to turn on your pH meter. It will allow adequate time for the meter to warm up. This will take about 30 minutes on average. After turning your pH meter on, the next thing you should do is clean your electrode. Take it out of its storage solution and rinse it using distilled water under an empty beaker. Blot it dry with wipes after rinsing. To finalise this step, you should prepare your buffers. You’ll generally need more than a single buffer to calibrate a Horiba pH meter. For a list of available buffers, visit our website now. Once you’ve chosen your buffers, let them reach the same temperature as your pH meter.



Calibration Proper


Now that you have your pH meter all warmed up, the next step is the calibration proper. Position your electrode in the bugger with a pH value of seven. Begin reading – press the “measure” or “calibrate” button to begin reading the pH once your electrode is in position. Afterwards, the next thing you do is to set the pH once you achieve stable reading. Set the pH meter to the value of the buffer’s pH. You can do this by pressing the “measure” button for a second time. Setting your pH meter once the reading has stabilised will yield more accurate readings. After using your electrode, rinse it with distilled water. Pat dry with a lint-free tissue.


Test the pH Meter


Place your electrode in your sample and begin testing. Once your electrode is placed in your sample, press the “measure” button and leave the electrode in your sample of about one to two minutes. By now, you already have accurate measurements as your pH meter is already calibrated accurately.


For more tips and tricks on how you can use your Horiba pH meter, visit our website today. You can check out other scientific instruments that you may find relevant to your particular field.