Rendering SA – Three Steps to Rendering a Wall

If you’re new to rendering SA, then you might think that it’s a long and gruelling process. However, it will only take three steps to complete. That’s right! By following these three simple steps, you can render your walls without getting help from a professional.



Prepare Your Wall


Before you even think about applying the rendering solution, it’s vital that you clear your wall from any impurities. Chip away any old render and paint. You can use a cold chisel or any other scraping tool. Scrape away any bumps, paint, dripping render, or excess mortar.


To soften the hard and stubborn materials in your wall, scrub down the wall with a stiff bristled broom. Work your way over the surface of your wall. Make sure you displace any debris or dirt that are still stuck on to your wall. Also, consider removing any moss or mould that may have grown onto your wall.


Finally, to complete the cleaning and clearing process, spray your wall with a hose. You can use a garden hose to spray down the surface of your wall. This will prevent the water in your rendering SA mortar from drying out.


Mix the Render Mortar


Now that your wall is ready, it’s now time to prepare your rendering mortar. Make sure you purchase your rendering mortar in a reliable online store or on your local hardware store. Select a colour that you’d like to apply to your wall. Some of the most popular colours available are off-white, grey, green, yellow, and blue. You can also customise your render by mixing two colours to create a new shade.


Once you have your render, start pouring water into a bucket or wheelbarrow for portability. Make sure you pour enough water that’s appropriate to the amount of rendering solution you will mix. For a complete number guide, visit our website.


Pour the mortar into the water and mix them. Continue to mix using a hoe or shovel until it’s lump-free and stiff. A well-mixed render has a thick, paste-like consistency.


Apply the Render to Your Wall


Once your mixture is ready, pour your render mortar onto the wall to begin the rendering SA process. Smear the using a trowel, pressing it firmly into your wall. Keep spreading until you’ve evenly spread the render in every area of your wall. Wait for it to dry before applying the second coat.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully rendered your wall and is now stronger and sturdier than ever. For more DIY construction projects like this, visit our blog page today.