The Basics of Event Hire Adelaide – Fundamentals of Proper Event Lighting

In every event, we need to consider the importance of lighting. It’s a feature that is easily overlooked yet is among the essential components for a successful event. Most event organisers think that lighting is a simple job that they can do on their own. But without knowledge of the basics, they can fail and cause their event to crumble with them. That’s why in every event hire Adelaide; it’s always important to have even the most basic knowledge of lighting. That way, your event will have the proper lighting that it needs. In this article, we’re going to guide you through the fundamentals of adequate event lighting.


Each Event Is Different

The first thing you need to know is that each event is different from the other. Some events are held indoors, while some are outdoors. Acknowledging this is important as event lighting is different from both perspectives. You need to consider a lot of things like is your event in the morning or at night, will it be inside or out in the open, are you going to light some areas in your venue or focus everything onto the stage? By considering each aspect, you can create the perfect plan for your lighting job.



Ensure You Have Enough Lighting

Whether your event is held inside or outside, it’s imperative that you have enough lighting to light the entire event. Just like acknowledging that each event is different, you should also know that the amount of lighting will also vary depending on the circumstances. Lighting demands will change between indoor and outdoor, the time of day, and the focus of the entire event. For starters, you need to do some trial and error to land the perfect amount of lighting for your event. Just make sure that your lighting needs to be bright enough to allow your audience to navigate the entire venue without getting lost.


Lighting Arrangements and Control

Event hire Adelaide also involves the arrangements of your lighting systems and the amount of control that you have over them. Unless your event is nothing more than a big birthday or wedding, chances are the lighting isn’t going to stage static for the entire period. You’re going to want to control the brightness of some lamps to draw focus or create the proper mood for a specific scene on stage. You will also need an operator to control the entire lighting of the event. That’s why basic event lighting also involves practising the lighting control so that your operator will know when to brighten, dim the lights, or change light hues.

Always remember that event hire Adelaide will always involve a solid event lighting performance. The amount of light will determine the success of the event, which is why you should never compromise on this part of the production.