2 Tips to Better Meeting Room Designs and Function Venues for More Effective Meetings

When you’re organising a corporate meeting or event, you would want to the venue and room design to be perfect. It needs to meet with the concept of the meeting to ensure maximum interest and engagement among the attendees. It’s essential to create the right environment as it is to find the right venue for your event. Don’t waste people’s time by skimping on these two critical factors and putting them off with how bad you organised everything. To help you with your event-planning, we prepared three essential steps to achieve better room designs and Great Function venues adelaide for a successful meeting.


Understand the Needs of Your Meeting


Your venue and meeting room design must support the needs of the meeting. It needs to have the right features, amenities, and equipment to ensure that the conference runs smoothly. At the same time, the style and concept should also meet with the overall theme of the meeting. To address all the needs of your function room, you need the following


Focus – make sure your attention is fully set on the planning and implementation of the design and venue.


Brainstorming – work with your staff and plan thoroughly. Make sure everything is perfect before you start implementing the plans.


Implementation – when you start implementing the designs and venue of your corporate event, make sure everyone is on the same page.


Consider Room Layout and Equipment



Understand the type of meeting that you’re planning to hold. That way, you’ll know the necessary features and equipment that you’ll need to host a successful meeting in an ideal meeting venue. Divide the meeting into portions, all according to the purpose of the entire conference. That way, you can see several areas of concern, as well as parts of the meeting that need more attention and emphasis. In terms of layout design, consider the following:


  • Colour – the shade of which you apply to the walls of your meeting room will depend on the theme and mood that you want to the attendees to feel. Most likely, it should be a lively and professional environment; so consider lighter-toned colours.


  • Furniture – comfort is an underrated factor during a meeting that also needs to be addressed right away. When choosing for the right furniture, make sure they’re comfortable to sit on, while not giving the people reason to doze off. Make sure it provides comfort while also promoting more extended discussions.


  • Room Equipment – For any type of meeting, you’ll need the following equipment all the time:


○    Screens

○    Projectors

○    Screen Sharing options

○    Video conferencing options


Great Function venues adelaide always come with preparation. So make sure you consider these two important tips to achieve the best venue for your next meeting. For more tips on organising corporate meetings, check out our blog page.