The Importance of Less Field Time in Hay Farming

When you run a hay farm, there are many responsibilities you need to fulfil, including the fact that you should cut field time as much as you can to save on costs. As you may already know, time is crucial in ensuring that the business sees returns. In this article, you will understand how using net wrap will reduce fieldwork that is critical in reaping the profits of your hard work and investments.

Net WrapIn hay farming, fieldwork accounts for most of the business. Farmworkers spend time more time in the fields compared to the time you need to deliver hay bale orders to clients. Many experts say you can determine if your business is doing well, depending on how much time you spend in the field per day.

In this regard, we will look at two popular baling wrappers that farmers use in hay farms. First is the baling twine. This product is known to be more affordable than its counterpart. However, it also takes more time to wrap a bale of hay.

After baling twine, many farmers use a net wrap. This wrapping option is considered to offer faster baling time for field workers. Farmers also testify that there are lower losses when you use net wrapping in the baling process.

Using balers twine will not allow you to store your bales outdoors. Since they are not waterproof, you need to build a storage room where the bundles will not be soaked in water. Damp hay is hard to sell, and the last thing you need is a client cancelling an order or sending the orders back because of low-quality products.

On the other hand, net wrap promises better storage options. You don’t have to build a separate storage facility if you use this bale wrap. Once they are wrapped with the net, the bales can be left out in the open fields. High-quality net wrapping has water-repelling features that ensure the hay will be kept from getting soaked when it rains.


The benefits of net wrapping all come down to reducing the time spent in the field. It means your staff and yourself have spare time to handle other tasks such as checking orders, finding potential clients, and discussing plans for expansion.

Cutting fieldwork but still coming up with high-quality products is the result of efficient baling processes. No matter what wrap type you choose for baling, make sure you stick with the option that will provide you with better returns and will secure your status in the industry.

Take note that you may get discounts if you purchase net wraps in bulk! Consult with a local provider today and explore your options.