Socket Wrench: How to Use It

The socket set is an invaluable set of tools that allows you to tighten nuts and their corresponding bolts more quickly than an ordinary wrench. This article describes the steps for using it. It may be a simple tool to use but the ease that it provides, described here is enough to convince you to head out and get and one socket set Adelaide Tools. Once you use one, you’ll be persuaded there is none better.

The ratcheting function of socket set Adelaide Tools enables you to keep the wrench connected to the bolt and eliminates the need to refit every time you turn the bolt just as you do with a regular wrench. It is especially essential when the workspace is limited. Socket wrenches are so useful that they are standard equipment for mechanics, carpenters and many other tradies. Sockets are graded in English or metric units, and many sets of sockets are marked with both measurements.


Step 1

Select the appropriate socket for the job; your set of shots can include a dozen or more takes. Knowing the size of the nut you want to rotate, makes it easier to find the labelled measurements on the side of the sockets. If you don’t know the exact size, grab a socket that probably looks like it’s the same size and try it on the nut or bolt you want to rotate. If it’s too loose, try a smaller one. Avoid trying to rotate a bolt with a socket that is too large – you can remove the tread and make it impossible to turn.


Step 2

Attach the socket to the ratchet handle by sliding the square hole into the socket on the square knob of the handle. You should hear a click when it’s completely in place.


Step 3

Select the turn direction. Right behind where you attached the socket, you will see a switch that looks like a tiny hub cap. Turn the switch to the right to tighten and to the left to loosen. Follow the aphorism that you learned as a kid: “Lefty, loosey; righty, tighty”.


Step 4

Place the socket in the nut you need to turn. Use it just like you would a regular wrench or pliers, except you do not need refit the wrench when you run out of space. Just twist again in the opposite direction and repeat.



Now that you see how simple it is to use and the benefits that come with owning a socket set Adelaide Tools, go and grab yourself one. And do not hesitate to give away your regular wrench. You will have no use for it, but it will likely earn you points from a friend or neighbour!